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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Haiku Heights # 270 - Late


~ 1 ~

i promised my friends
 i'd return by moon rise
but i met this girl

~ 2 ~

on a moonless night
my key slips into her lock
did she miss me

~ 3 ~

under the full moon
i wait in the pale gray light
still alone at dawn

~ 4 ~

clouds cover the moon
on the cold stone of her grave
i place a red rose

Inspired by the theme at


  1. Nice to see you at Haiku Heights, JzB. All lovely but third and fourth are beautiful expressions of thought.

  2. I like them all...? unlucky in love per chance ? ☺


  3. What a poignant and profound Haiku!

  4. Welcome back Jazzbumpa, and I say it is better late than never!! Missed your wit and humor in words here!! ;)

  5. love the first one. lovely bouquet of Haiku.

  6. As always your poems run the gamut of emotions! I loved the poignancy of the last one. It made me shiver with sadness!

  7. All are good..Last one is gripping...


  8. Very good. Sounds like you were moon gazing:)
    The last painted an especially vivid picture.


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