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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Carpe Diem #262, Moon in the water

We were blessed with an awesome full moon on our vacation last week.  
Here one of the better moon-on-water shots.

yellow moon
rippling on black water
sun's re-reflection

Carpe Diem #262 



  1. I often forget that the moon's light is a reflection of the sun. Beautiful, JzB!

  2. ...rippling on black water' ~ great line and lovely haiku and fantastic photo ~ Happy Day to you ^_^

  3. "rippling on black water", is for sure a wonderful line. The photo is just stunning JzB.

    golden path on water
    the full moon shares her light
    to light our way

    Just an impromptu verse inspired by your photo ...

    1. Thanks, Kristjaan.

      Your verse is delightful.


  4. You wrote the perfect haiku for this lovely photo.


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