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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Carpe Diem #275, Longing for the Unknown

This prompt reminded me of the haibun I wrote last Tuesday.

So today's first senryu is a companion piece to it.


those many sad years
i knew not what i longed for
then i found you


tonight i sleep
and dream about tomorrow
bring it on 


inspired my MMT [not Modern Monetary Theory]

 the seeker goes blind
to mysterious places
the desert beckons


Carpe Diem #275



  1. You managed the not knowing theme so well in your creations.
    I found you today
    longing of the past thwarted
    let us dance in joy

  2. I love the first! You are such a romantic fellow, JzB. So glad you found the love of your life again!

  3. I am also happy you found the love of your life. I was so disillusioned by love... my own life's... but over the years I have met people that truly met the love of their life at all ages...teens that have been wed for 60 plus years, people fifty and over that met that love of their life and decided to just enjoy the time left. And those inbetween. That all being said...
    it is heartwarming to know that love still exists for some ... and they aren't afraid to express it.
    I don't know if that all makes sense, ... but I tried to express something I know little about ☺
    Peace...and love,

  4. So good to hear that even the Trombonist finds true love eventually JzB ;)

  5. lovely haiku about missing and finding ~ enjoy, carol, xo

  6. Very nice the way you did it from several different angles.

  7. Finding true love is the greatest gift of all.. and sure unknown until you find it.

  8. beautiful and there is a comfort in the words

  9. Beautiful, JZB. I am happy those sad years are in the past.

  10. Since I know the history of your first haiku, I find it so beautiful and loving.


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