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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #53, Kikaku's "a flock of swallows"

above the sea
a rainbow, erased by
a flock of swallows

(c) Kikaku

In this haiku I sense conflicting feelings.  A flock of swallows shouldn't represent ugliness, but here they destroy a thing of beauty.  Is this irony, a chance observation, or a comment on the sometimes cruel indifference of nature?

~ 1 ~

beside the pavement
a roadkill carcass consumed
by vultures

~ 2 ~

in the stormy sky
a flying chevron of geese
erased by lightning

~ 3 ~

lovely butterfly
a rainbow color riot
wrapped in sticky silk


Carpe Diem Special #53


  1. You are so right...depressing...but your haiku
    are right on the money for the prompt.
    Thanks for sharing,☺

  2. I hadn't realized that the imagery in Kikaku's haiku is that sad as you have described here JzB, but I have read the haiku again and ... yeah I felt the same sadness as you describe here.
    And the haiku you have written as a reaction on the one by Kikaku are gorgeous. That 3rd haiku is my favorite by the way.

    1. i wondered if my take on this was all wrong

      the permanence of the word "erased" made me think about it this way

      several others took it similarly i discovered


  3. Oh I love the darkness here...


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