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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Carpe Diem Kamishibai #4

An Autobiographical Haibun

At the end of my junior year in high school I met a girl, but didn't get to know her.  She was only a freshman.  After Summer passed and the new school year started, we met again and this time I did get to know her.  We fell in love. [Note the out-of-control spin that expression implies.  Nobody ever climbs into love]  It was sweet. We dated for two years, in a very chaste, early 60's all-too-Catholic way [this was before the sexual revolution] then drifted apart.

No.  That's not quite right.  It all came unraveled.  We were young. There were distractions.  Love isn't always easy.   We moved on, married other people, had families.  I thought we had forgotten about each other.  Eventually, though, we found ourselves living a few blocks apart on the same street.  Fate had brought us not exactly together again, but at least into the same space.  By this time, my marriage was pretty much a disaster.  In fact, it had become quite ugly.  I wound up divorced.

A year later, so did she.  Then we were able to get together again.  I discovered something that I had hidden from myself for many years - I never stopped loving her.  The great amazing surprise was that she loved me.

We've been together ever since - I and the one great love of my life, now growing old together.  I have a son and a daughter.  She has two sons.  Together we share 11 smart, beautiful, talented grandchildren.

Getting here wasn't easy. But now I can truly say that life is good.

Bumpa's 11

fate or destiny
who knows - but what a great gift
is a second chance


Carpe Diem Kamishibai #4


  1. Love finds a way...that sounds rather sappy but have heard similar stories and it's wonderful when it happens. The love of your life. I think I did climb into love. Both of us so careful from being hurt in previous marriage (marriages for me). Slow and steady. Twelve years to marriage. Before that, I married all I fell in love with...that was 3. The third marriage was 18 yrs before my amnesia broke and he couldn't deal. Brian has lovely children and I have a grandbaby. Joining you in "life is good". How nice to get to know each other through haiku/haibun.

  2. Love is such a strong energy. I can remember that I met my wife. I then was in another relationship so we couldn't have a relationship. After six month our path's crossed again and we fell in love. She told that she had 'till that moment, the moment that we fell in love, an every night dream ... always the same ... a man without a face who gave her a big bouquet of roses. She told me: "Now that man has a face, it was you ..." After that day her dream disappeared ... Love has found the way and now we are 23 yrs together.
    Love is a strong energy and love will bring you were you must be.

  3. Although I'm sure there were ogres present in this story, it still seem like a beautiful,
    incredible fairy tale. Really enjoyed reading this, and hope your happiness continues blooming.

  4. Beautiful love story! Meant to be!


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