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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Carpe Diem #274, Silent Heart

I feel a quiet longing in this music that never quite reaches the level of desperation, though perhaps it should.  Here is a trio of "silent heart" responses.

 ~ 1 ~

the silent heart
love that dare never speak
its name

~ 2 ~

i watch you
so pure and chaste from afar
but not in my dreams

~ 3 ~

its language
not so hard to understand
if you listen


Carpe Diem #274, Silent Heart


  1. a lovely set. I especially admire #1

  2. its language
    not so hard to understand
    if you listen

    If only one gets to be aware and sensitive. Lots of things can be understood! Nicely JzB!


  3. To enjoy the world and life around you it's a 'must' to listen to your heart in deep silence.

    deep silence
    listening to my heartbeat
    silent adoration

  4. expressive
    trio of haiku
    silent heart

  5. this was a great set... all three little masterpieces

  6. It would be interesting, I think, to see your dreams...

    Silent Heart

    1. bring 3D glasses and a big tub of pop corn

  7. I especially l like the first one. As a lesbian, I'm often not sure whether someone I'm interested in shares my orientation--and it can be dangerous to ask.

  8. thanks, friends
    it's great to hear from all of you


  9. Wonderful set. Quite thought-provoking.

  10. Beautiful thoughts, JzB. Kristjaan, how beautiful!


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