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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #50, Kikaku's "Kagura Dance at night "

inspirational haiku by Kikaku

Kagura dance at night
the performer's breath white
inside his mask

my inspiration

who can say
what moves the dancer's spirit
moves her body too

another inspired by maggie

night dancing angels
draw forth eternal light
defeating daemons

Carpe Diem Special #50 



  1. moving :-) I really like the posed question.

  2. Both full of gracious movements...dancing away between angels and demons.

  3. Oh I meant to comment on your haiku-ed response because it's wonderful. But I forgot...saw it in email and forgot before got to my blog. Am so glad you reposted here for all to enjoy. Your first haiku is very nice too...we do move to what we feel, don't we?

  4. Awesome inspired haiku JzB, I like that you've shared your 'commented' haiku at Maggie's too.

  5. I think you have a wonderful gift of words...
    this is a golden gift...


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