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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

L.A. Times Crossword Puzzle Blogging

Wednesday, August 28, 2013  Pancho Harrison

Cross-posted at The Corner

Theme: Most telling put downs.  Each two-word answer consists of a noun preceded by a two-syllable verb that indicates a negative action or feeling, and whose second syllable connects with the noun to yield an in-the-language phrase.   

17 A. Put down toddlers? : DECRY BABIES.  To DECRY is to publicly denounce.    CRY BABIES complain, whether they have a reason to or not.

28 A. Put down formal education? : DEGRADE SCHOOL.  To DEGRADE is treat or regard someone with disrespect.  GRADE SCHOOL is the designation for grades 1 through some number between 5 and 8, depending on whether your district has middle school and what year it starts.

48 A. Put down thoroughfares? : DEMEAN STREETSDEMEAN means to cause a severe loss of dignity or respect.   MEAN STREETS, besides being a 1973 Martin Scorsese movie, means a part of town known for violence and crime.

64 A. Put down a rock genre? : DEBASE METAL.   DEBASE means to reduce the value or quality of something.  BASE METAL is something other than a precious metal.  Copper, tin and zinc all qualify.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here.  Rather a brilliant theme, IMHO.  But I love word play of all sorts.  This kind of involuted pun is somewhat akin to the old Tom Swifty.  Kinda, sorta, maybe.


1. Stockpile : AMASS.

6. A.L. West player : ASTRO.  Cellar dwellersfrom Houston.

11. Place to see reeds : FEN.  Bog, swamp.

14. Like some trains and anesthetics : LOCAL.  Odd pairing, but I can't quibble.

15. "Gigi" star Leslie : CARON.  She was 27 when they made this movie.  Maurice Chevalier was a bit older.  My grandmother had a thing for him, as did Gigi's.

16. Pollution-policing org. : EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency

19. It's in many poems : TIS.  Keeping with the involution idea, it's "it's" turned inside out,  Would a poet do that?  'TIS a shame.

20. Wirehair of whodunits : ASTA.  Nick and Nora's terrier.

21. Start of a morning diner order : A CUP.  Of coffee, tea, hemlock, bile  .  .  .

22. Hunt illegally : POACH.  Why would anyone ever illegally hunt an egg?

24. Petty of "A League of Their Own" : LORI.  Can't say I remember her.

26. Sediment : LEES.   Dregs in wine making.

33. Handle the helm : STEER

35. They're not from around here, briefly : ET'SExtra-Terrestrials.

36. Ship of Greek myth : ARGO.   They went for the gold, and got fleeced.

37. Rand who created Dagny Taggart : AYN.  Worst!  Novel!  Ever!

38. Went by : ELAPSED.

42. The Matterhorn, e.g. : ALP.

43. Plumbing concern : DRIP.

45. GI entertainers : USOUnited Service Organizations

46. British __ : ISLES.  There are well over 100 of them.  I'm rather fond of Islay.

52. Hook's sidekick : SMEE.  He's getting to be  regular here.

53. Caesarean rebuke : ET TU.  And you, Brutus?  Very disappointing day for Julie.

54. "Me too!" : SO DO I.

57. Pay, as expenses : MEET

59. Russian assembly : DUMA.  Government council.

63. Fuss : ADO.

67. Spruce cousin : FIR.   Evergreen trees.

68. Soothing application : SALVE.  What -- not ALOE?!?

69. Cockamamie : INANE.  Now, that's just silly.

70. Comics cry : EEK.  I tawt I taw a mouse.

71. Ancestral diagrams : TREES.  Not to be confused with 67 A.

72. Dumas swordsman : ATHOS.  One of the musketeers.  But shouldn't they have been the three swordsmen?


1. "The West Wing" Emmy winner : ALDA.  Alan

2. Homer's hangout : MOE'S.  'Tis HOMER Simpson, not the Greek poet.

3. IRA part: Abbr. : ACCT Individual Retirement Account.

4. Big name in frozen desserts : SARA LEE.  Everybody doesn't like something  .  .  .

5. Crafty : SLY.  Like advertising slogans

6. Thorny shrub : ACACIA.  With a strange flower.

7. "Elephant Boy" actor : SABUOf 1940's movie fame.

8. Rare sights in nurseries : TRIPLETS.  babies, not plants.

9. Lobster eggs : ROE.  Fish eggs, too.

10. How many writers work : ON SPEC. Writing done without a guaranteed sale for the finished work.

11. Greek salad topper : FETA.  What I had for dinner, with enough left over for tomorrow's lunch.  [Well, today, as you're reading this.]

12. Larger-than-life : EPIC.

13. 1950s Rambler maker : NASH.  Compact car, famous, at the time.

18. Virologist who worked with Epstein : BARR.   Wikipedia: The EpsteinBarr virus (EBV), also called human herpes virus 4 (HHV-4), is a virus of the herpes family, and is one of the most common viruses in humans.

23. Worker protection agcy. : OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration.

25. Storybook baddie : OGRE.

27. To be, to Brutus : ESSE.  Him again?  Latin

28. Wrangler material : DENIM.  Forever in blue jeans.

29. Station : DEPOT.  A heavy handed station master is the DEPOT despot.  Don't mess with his tea pot.

30. 47-Downs have to talk their way out of them : ORALS.  Clever.  Exams for certain students, like dental hygienists, perhaps.

31. Look at lecherously : OGLE.  Makin' eyes.

32. Cuts off : LOPS.

33. H.S. sobriety crusaders : S.A.D.DStudents Against Destructive Decisions.

34. Spare, in Soho : TYRE.  Spare tire, nor an extra of anything else.  British spelling.

39. Moon over Marseille : LUNE.  French

40. Put together : ASSEMBLE.  Who assembled the DUMA?

41. Waist management : DIET.  Cute

44. Cuban cabbage? : PESO.  Money

47. Loan recipient, often : STUDENT.  Of the collegial variety.

49. In the center of : AMIDST.

50. Popular pieces : REESES.  Candy.

51. Rock follower? : ETTE.  Dance troupe from Radio City Music Hall. Grandaughter Amanda spent a week with then earlier this month.  Still hate these affix clues, though.

54. Sound partner : SAFE.

55. Drooling comics dog : ODIE.  From Garfield

56. Idiot : DORK.  Is that really what this means?

58. Water-draining aid : EAVE.  It's raining here, and the downspout on my garage came disconnected from the EAVE.  I'll deal with it tomorrow.  [Today, as you read this.]

60. Canyonlands National Park locale : UTAH.

61. Hand, to Jorge : MANOEspañol.

62. Pub server's trayful : ALES.

65. Tuner's asset : EAR.

66. "Mamma __!" : MIA.  Italian expression cum ABBA musical.

Well, among other things, we've had movies, music, salad and a snack.  Pretty filling, I'd say.  Hope you enjoyed the excursion.

Cool regards!

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