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From Moose, Goose, and Orb Weaver
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"Why moose and goose?" you may ask. Back on 2/04/13 Pirate wrote a haiku with an elk in it, and I responded with
one with a moose and then included him every day. A few days later in comments Mystic asked "Where's the goose?"
So I started including her with this post on 2/07. A week later on the 14th, Mark Readfern
asked for and received a spider. The rest is history.

*Well, most days, anyway. Grant me a bit of poetic license.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Carpe Diem #271, Morning Celebration


another new day
invest the time wisely
it's all you have


another new day
if it is filled with love
cherish each moment


another new day
bones and bed springs creak
as old man rises


another new day
moose grazes in the meadow
while goose takes wing


another new day
orb weaver's spun creation
glows in the sun light


Carpe Diem #271


  1. Yes indeed! I like the call to treasure the moments.

  2. That last one with the spider in the lead ... it a little gem JzB. Nice series of haiku you have shared here with us.

  3. Every moment is a celebration, isn't it? I can picture the spider's web vibrating in the glow of first light!

  4. Very nice stroll through your haiku garden. Happy to see moose, goose and orb weaver but also really enjoyed "you" getting up from squeaky bed. My sleigh bed is fairly new. No noises except my thud landing cuz I'm too short to reach the floor. Sometimes I miss the stepstool. lol. Agree that last haiku is a shining star.

    1. the old man isn't always strictly autobiographical

      my bed actually doesn't creak


  5. funny how the spider entries often end up as favorites

    i'm really not at all fond of spiders


  6. Bed springs can creak for any number of reasons, can't they? ;)


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