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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Carpe Diem # 666 and Three Word Wednesday No 414

my first impression

in the poppy field
burning with a russet glow
no need for sunset

a more light hearted impression

down the poppy slope
that girl catching my eye
she impresses me

today's words:

i took the challenge of forcing these works into a quasi-ku, 
which drove a dark turn into the opium trade

devious ladies
[each smile an inverted frown]
pick venomous buds


  1. Replies
    1. Oh I like how you captured the warmth and feeling in the images!

  2. beautiful descriptions of the subjects of a beautiful painting

  3. These were great! I wish I could write poetry.

    1. Daily Panic ... even you can write poetry. Maybe it's worth a try to write haiku. Feel free to visit: to get some information about haiku. I think you can write poetry ... just give it a try.

  4. That first one has a deeper meaning - at least to me, making it a strong anti-war haiku,and the 3rd hits hard, very poetic. A very good post.

  5. Three very different approaches of this prompt JzB. That quasi-ku is awesome it's even an idea I had as I created this post, but I love to stay close to my own ideas of positive images in haiku. Awesome post it is.


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