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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Carpe Diem #667

I wanted to take a stab at the acrostic haiku, using TULIPS as the root word, but couldn't come up with a connecting liaison.   So I put together two [sort of] connected 3/5/3 haiku with the Letters of TULIPS starting each line.  This image that Kristjann posted caught my eye.

tulips hide
under fallen snow
lie in wait

in tulips
people find symbols
so kiss  me

Not very good, I'm afraid.

My experience with tulips in the garden is that they are very fragile and one storm will knock off the petals, leaving at best ragged, battered flowers.    This leaves me with a wabi sabi impression.

delicate tulips
a morning of wind and rain
reduced to bare stems


  1. I found the tulips in my yard to stand up good to everything except the hungry squirrels. Love your haikus.

  2. Tulips, like your haikus, are both fun and delicate!

  3. "Reduced" is not always a bad place to be! ;)

  4. I never thought of tulips as lying in wait, but I suppose they could give you a good startle if they popped up when you were walking by.

    1. No snow where you live
      So tulips can not hide


  5. lovely post ... liked your acrostic and loved the solo with the rain ... nice!


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