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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Carpe Diem #675

I'll admit that sometimes - OK, often - poetry baffles me.  So it was with yesterday's CD entry.  I simply could not wrap my head around it.  The inspirational poem was totally opaque to me, and I couldn't find any way to relate.  Today, the painting, as odd as it is, gives me something to grab onto. 

My impression: I do find this picture to be quite illusionary, evocative, and perhaps even elusive.  Where does one house end and the next begin?  How many structures are there?  The roof lines in particular seem almost surreal, the perspective is weirdly off kilter, and the lighting seems unnatural.

None of this is intended as criticism - it's just an accounting of how the picture strikes me. 

amid the lush fields
of the sunny countryside
a shadowed manor


this old rambling house
what mysteries does it hold
in its shadowed halls


under the thatched eaves
in the deep purple shadows
orb weaver's secret


who would imagine
van gogh as a house painter
what a big surprise


all those stars and fields
why did van gogh never paint
a moose and a goose



  1. Thatched roofs on rude homes,
    growing as the seasons turn;
    organic farmhold.

  2. Shades of mystery and of nature --- with a healthy dose of humor too -- which I love about your poetry. :) Van Gogh as a house painter made me giggle a bit. Sorely needed, too. o.O Nicely done! :D

  3. Oh i love that you took us inside the dwelling... with it's shadows.. of course a great place for the orb weaver.

  4. Wow - you got inspired! I think each haiku bursts with atmosphere! Well done.

  5. Great job! Love number 3 - ah secrets and purple shadows.

  6. not familiar with the typical english hamlet then : where everything sort of morphs together. Lean-to's in many cases.

    "n the deep purple shadows" so right!

  7. Very well crafted series. Yes, why did he never paint wildlife, he seemed to be a fair house painter. Made me smile.


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