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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

LOVE in the Imaginary Garden

OK, then - a poem of love, that strange, mysterious primal life influence.  And one that is, to a fair degree, the story of my life.  Now you know.

I wrote this several years ago, - obviously a pastiche with a boat load of pirated iconic source material, stitched together with my own unique blend of herbs and spices, - and just reconstituted it from memory.  Some things just stay with you.


When do I love thee - let me count the days:
One day in love’s first incomplete caress
When we were young and in young carelessness
Lost love we thought, we didn’t know the ways

Love comes, and goes, then comes again and stays.
Away you went, and I, or we, to press
Another plight, a troth, and then loveless,
Distressed returned to love at last in May’s

Warm glow surprised we loved on that day too:
Love ever fixed, not shaken, now we chose
To measure our souls’ reach and passion through
True minds quiet needs and old griefs lose.

The best is yet to be, our one from two
Now we have time and all the world to use.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is so beautiful… it does get better and better, richer and fuller as the years deepen our relationships.

  3. the love experienced in our youth can leave long needed healing, but yes growth and maturity does remark "the best is yet to come"

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  4. What a WONDERFUL sonnet - and love story! That often happens, and must be truly wonderful, when one reunites with an earlier love and this time it sticks and stays. Sigh. Love it.

  5. Such beauty when love grows each day and doesn't diminish. Lovely piece

  6. Aw, lovely lovely sonnet. Not easy to do!

  7. I sense solace in this poem and it's actually very addictive to read.


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