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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is Love a Tender Thing in the Imaginary Garden

For a suitable thorn and flower visual, I'll refer you to MMT's recent post.

i saw her today
that girl i once loved

years ago when we were young
chaste foolish catholic kids

nobody planned this
i turned and there she was

a muddle of memories
joy and pain the awful pain

heartbreak that was long ago
so why do i feel this longing inside

those agonizing memories
let me go i’m leaving now

and then she smiled

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. ...anytime the hunter gets captured by the game, la la la....

  2. Ah. Very sweet, and poignant too. K. Manicddaily

  3. Such a tender write really--time makes the pain less --well sometimes

  4. I think that is what I would feel too.. even after all those years.. I wonder if the smile didn't make it even worse.

  5. "and then she smiled" i get the feeling its all worth it
    Happy Valentines 2015

    much love...

  6. Yes... such moments tear at the heart no matter how many years may go by.

  7. How beautiful and poignant, full of emotion . I resonate with the chaste Catholic kids...I had a first love like that too.

  8. I love the stillness and zooming in feeling on that last smile...well done!

  9. Those youthful feelings never go away ... Perhaps buried but they are a part of us. I get this poem - perhaps we all should

  10. First love or the loves of youth leave such an impression. Love your ending,

  11. Unforgettable .. your first love. This is special.

  12. This one makes me a little sad, but it is nicely written nonetheless.


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