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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tree Word Wednesady #415

Today's Words:


In my view, all of human history displays two overarching themes:
1) warfare,
2) the desire of a small privileged elite group of leeches to dominate the rest of the population.

These both result from greed.  To the greedy, no amount is ever enough.  Whatever you have, they want, and they are coming to get it.

sober assessment
when will we evolve enough
to be content


  1. yes there's always some kind of discontent isn't there?

  2. Yes it does seem unlikely..but if the thought is there amongst enough people..just maybe...thoughtful write

  3. Love your intro to this haiku. Partly agree, but again there are exist another part of people who feel they don't deserve much...either extreme - abnormal. Moderation - the key...

  4. Fair question. You wont like the answer.


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