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Monday, February 16, 2015

Imaginary Garden

 "You can if you wish simply write about an experience or day or object that seems particularly promising, or unpromising; a poem, if you will, about anticipation or disappointment.:" 

"Zero - that's nothing." A harsh winter quip
from an old man long gone
as snow flies in the canine dental wind.

But such memories he had
of sun-sered sandy beaches
thorn-stemmed roses, cooling rain.

"Don't despair," he admonished, "Summer is coming."

distilled to a haiku

snow and howling wind
in the beak depth of winter
the promise of spring


  1. Hey Jazzbumpa--both versions are lovely but I tend to favor the more detailed one--I know that canine dental wind! And glad to hear the message from someone with experience of both cold and warm. Thanks so much for participating. k.

    1. Thanks. Thought I'd take a another shot at a sevenling.

      Not sure it's really working here.


  2. I prefer the more detailed version as well. It's gorgeous.

  3. The beak depth of winter - what a cool phrase. Both are very well done.

  4. Yes when it is its coldest spring is close... Love those canine dental winds they know his to bite.

  5. canine dental wind! love that.

  6. As I sit inside my cozy house while outside there is 10 new inches of snow (and it is still coming down) I am going to hold that old man to his promise!

  7. I await the promises of spring and autumn each year... there is always a relief at the change of seasons.

  8. chilling! I do like the details.


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