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Friday, February 20, 2015

Carpe Diem Time Machine #4

This prompt is from November, 2012.

Paloma gives us a painting by Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh.  Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing, 1888. Wikimedia.

 My inspired haiku doesn't quite work, I think.   Maybe I still want nudes.

by yellow bridge arch
on the water round ripples
shoreline lady’s curves


There is a clump of yellow crocuses that emerges in our yard every spring, with one purple interloper.  In keeping with the Time Machine concept, here's a picture I took in March, 2012.  These blooms are so fragile and transitory, I'm concerned that March, 2015 will be very rude to them.

 Do you see the honey bee?

  these ephemeral blooms
shining in their brief beauty
  a bee hovers near


  1. Both lovely...that last one is actually divine...makes me anxious for spring:)

  2. I like the brief beauty of the crocus.

  3. Ask and ye shall receive. Nude - blonde ----


    But I do like the echo of the woman's curves in the water ripples. :)
    And oh -- what a lovely photo and haiku of the yellow crocus. Ahhhh!

  4. I love your response to the prompt. Works well for me. The photo and haiku that follows, are lovely.

  5. Oh I loved them both ... but the bee haiku with that lovely photo is so great!

  6. I like that first haiku ... humor hidden it and your second haiku is also a nicely composed haiku ... with that along going photo it is a gorgeous haiga.

  7. JzB, have you had your testosterone levels checked lately? Very nice verse.


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