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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Imaginary Garden February List

From grapeling:

I got to thinking how close yet how far some words are, and started thinking of pairs that share a root, as it were, but not necessarily a sense. So not tense/intense, which are closely related, but... well, these:

miss / remiss
deem / redeem
wager / dowager
pulse / repulse
file / defile
peat / repeat
sent / absent

Your challenge is to select at least 2 of these pairs - or come up with a pair of pairs of your own, words that share common spelling but not common meaning - and weave them into a *new* poem, however you please.


Well, I'm in limerick mode.  I hope weaving them into two separate, unconnected verses doesn't violate the terms too severely.


The snake thought that he'd be remiss
To not tempt the lovey young miss
So he did his foul duty,
Enticed with things fruity;
And she gave Adam's apple a kiss


The dowager wanted to gamble
So to the casino she’d amble
And wager on red
Till her coin purse was dead
Then beat it home in a mad scramble



  1. Ha! Too funny. :) The second is my favorite.

  2. The limerick can be a real art form. These are quite snappy and apt.

  3. I do love reading limericks but unfortunately, I suck at writing them. These two are great to read. :-)

  4. Ha .. I love limericks and especially the last one is very good

  5. ah, an excellent pair of pairs - thanks for dealing in ~

  6. Very well done limericks! I find them impossible to do.


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