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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Imaginary Garden - Sunday's Mini Challenge

Carilda Olivar Labra

She is a Cuban poet who wrote on philosophical and social topics, but also of love and passion.  You can read about her and see some examples of her work at the link above.

'Our challenge is to write a new poem or prose poem in response to Carilda's words."

My response is to the last one presented at the link.  No politics or war in this one; only the  .  .  .



when the tip of my tongue moistens
the tip of your sweet breast

i think of naked coquette eve
and how she enticed the serpent

it was the fruit she pleaded
its syrup cloying sticky on her chin

and adam could no more resist than gravity’s apple
plummeting headlong into boggy mother earth

that is how i fell into you crazy love-crazy
turbid salacious over-ripe and bursting with seeds

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. Sweet crazy love it is, smiles ~

    Thanks for participating with Sunday's Challenge & wishing you happy weekend ~


  2. Wow! Love this...the last two lines especially. The whole thing is so full of passion and the delicious appeal of forbidden fruit!

  3. Oh yes, you have captured the crazy-love thing!!!

  4. So sensual, erotic and organic...I love the natural flow of this!

  5. I started this with no plan, so it's pretty much stream of conscious
    hence the natural flow
    I think
    it's just the way it unfolded in my fevered brain

    thanks for the comments

  6. I love how you dig deep into the soil here JzB.. the connection to Eve and forbidden fruit.. As a curiosity in Swedish slang the word for the vagina is actually an old word for bog.. so this parallel in the second last stanza makes total sense to me.

    1. Thanks
      I didn't know about the Swedish slang
      But - yep - that's what I was going for


  7. Love is the best crazy. Such a beautiful, sensual piece.


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