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Monday, March 4, 2013

Carpe Diem #137, Usurai (thin ice)


~ 1 ~

thin frost layer
on my martini glass
dry ice

 ~ 2 ~

Spring morning
I cleverly test the ice
my foot is wet

~ 3 ~

stares longingly through the ice
fish stare back

~ 4 ~

risk taker
tempts fate skating
on thin ice

~ 5 ~

icy pond
goose steps on cicada wings
wise moose waits on shore

~ 6 ~

cicada wings
coat orb weaver's web
no dinner for her

~  :  ~


  1. Staring contest
    until the ice melts
    fish blinks

  2. A wet foot means only one thing: You've lost your ice-testing knack!

    Thin Rind of Ice

  3. A dark , story with a sad ending . Nicely weaved !

  4. smiled at the image of cormorant and fish staring at each other ^^ well-penned set

  5. I love the standoff between the cormorant the the fish!

    Thin Ice

  6. Especially like your bird staring at the fish. And love your moose and goose haiku today!

  7. The cormorant one is excellent among a lot of god ones.

  8. Wise moose ~ for sure ~ Fun and variety haiku ~ well penned ^_^


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