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Monday, March 4, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Empty

Well, I managed to confuse myself a bit.  This FSF entry is inspired by the picture Angela Goff posted along with her FSF entry, and I mistook that for this week's prompt, which is actually the word EMPTY.  Lacking any better excuse, I'll blame it on two glasses of wine.  Here's the picture and my FSF story.


It was a crazy idea for Penny to spend the night in the old, abandoned, empty - well, actually nobody knew for sure what the hell that old place was - with Roger, who she barely knew and didn't even like, but there were drinks involved and a dare from her flighty friends and a double dare, and more drinks, and she was pissed anyway because Brad was gone on a fishing trip, and so shit here they were.

Shortly before dark they pushed the door open on its rusty hinges, found a spot where the floor was relatively clean, and spread out their sleeping bags.

Roger was, if anything, more nervous and upset than Penny, but he was willing to share the sweet heady contents of whatever that stuff was in the flask he brought, so that helped.

When the early morning sun shone full on her face, Penny woke with a start and found herself naked and wrapped around Roger's still sleeping form; and it all came back to her in a rush how she had slipped into his sleeping bag during the night, and how they made love - oh good god three times - and how it was good; really, really good.

She got up quietly, put on her clothes, stole away, and - though they never spoke, or even saw each other again - now, years later, when she thinks of that night, she'll look across the dining room table at Brad and smile.


  1. A snapshot memory, though a fuzzy one I'd imagine! I loved the way you wrote this, made me smile!

  2. I have to admit, I had no ides where this was heading, and the ending surprised me.


  3. I love how you set the story up and then where you went with it. It was absolutely believable to me -- especially when I look back on some of the stuff I did at that age. Bravo!

  4. I enjoyed this, pulling the reader in and then the end going full circle back to the start. A good read

  5. Those stories that surprise the writer are the best one!

  6. Nice! I was surprised at the ending, also, and that's what made it so good :)

  7. That was a surprising little twist there at the end!

  8. I love the idea of having a secret memory to smile about as the years go by. This was a pretty big secret, but one she was likely never to forget! An intriguing, well done story, JzB!


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