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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction

My wife burst into the tower chamber and found me naked in bed with the girl I had just deflowered.

While she screamed, calling me and the poor girl, who huddled terrified under the sheets, the most vile names imaginable, I poured myself a large flagon of sweet Dornish wine and sipped it, leaning against the mantle until her rage was spent.

"Klarys," I said, you know I truly love you, but occasionally I get a taste for something young, fresh and tender; and in my time as King, I've learned that when I want something, I can usually have it.

"What I want from you is to make yourself presentable, for you will be at my side tonight, smiling, beautiful, and very much my Queen, when we entertain that disgusting envoy from Braavos, and just now you do look a sight."

I turned to the girl and said, "Sweetling, my wife appears to be feeling neglected, so I shall spend the night in her chamber; but you won't be lonesome: a maid from the Summer Isles will stay with you -- and, mayhaps teach you a thing or two.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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  1. lighthearted indeed. Nothing but fun here. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!


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