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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Carpe Diem #147, Hatsu hana (first cherry blossom)

Cherries are grown commercially in the northwest region of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.  Blossoms generally burst forth in early May.  Since this is outside of the local tourist season, few get the chance to see them.  Last year, the winter was extremely mild, and March was almost summery.  The Cherry trees blossomed in the first week of April - a full month early - and the crop was severely damaged by one night of late hard frost.  It snowed again today here in lower Michigan.  No early spring this year, it seems, and for cherry lovers, that might be a blessing.

As near as I can tell, Michigan cherries have white, not pink blossoms.

Michigan Cherry Blossoms

~ 1 ~

Michigan cherry
beware the late spring frost
do not bloom too soon

~ 2 ~

first cherry blossom
you bring the promise of spring
and joy to my heart

~ 3 ~

new white blossom
such a warm and welcome sight
after months of snow

~ 4 ~

first cherry blossom
old man remembers when
and smiles

~ 5 ~

moose and goose
stroll amidst the cherry trees
eating dandelions

~ 6 ~

first cherry blossom
soon the insects will arrive
patient spider waits

~ : ~ : ~

Carpe Diem #147


  1. wonderful yes, the fourth haiku is definitely superb ^^

  2. I feel like I'm off a day. Must be seeing blogs of people where it's already tomorrow. Lovely cherry blossom haiku even for moose and goose :)

  3. The old man has a lot to smile about I suspect :)

  4. So happy the old man smiles when he remembers when! Great set as usual!

  5. aloha JzB - i like #4 however i think #5 has a whole lotta possibilities that are fun to think about. aloha.

  6. I'm with Moose and Goose: The dandelions look more appealing than the cherry blossoms. Pardon me while I ingest a few!

    Blossom Song

  7. feast for the spider, that's clever.

  8. Wonderful haiku all of them, and that old man is especially close at heart.

    I think that cherry trees grown for fruit always have white bloom. The pink flowers are on trees that you have for the flowers not the fruit. Here in Sweden they are called Japanese Cherry


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