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Friday, March 29, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #29, Onitsura's 'voice of the pine-tree'

 inspirational haiku

suzukaze ya koku ni michite matsu no koe

the cool breeze
fills the empty vault of heaven
with the voice of the pine-tree

(c) Onitsura (1660-1738)


my humble inspirations

~ 1 ~

a cardinal sings
to find the singer look high
in the tallest tree

~ 2 ~

the pine tree whispers
and the spring breeze responds
do you understand

~ 3 ~

without the breeze
pine tree's sacred wisdom
would stay a secret

~ 4 ~

soft spring breezes
sing with a pine needle scent
music for the soul

~ 5 ~

when the old man speaks
all the pine trees listen
the breeze overhears

~ 6 ~

under a pine tree
safe from the whispering wind
moose and goose tell all

~ 7 ~

from the pine tree top
spider sees her hatchlings go
sail on the spring breeze


Carpe Diem Special #29


  1. I'd like to write a haiku beginning:

    when the pine tree speaks
    all the old men listen

    But then, what do I know about either old men or pine trees? :)

    Beneath the Pine Tree

  2. Well, I could help you with the old man part . . .


  3. Your third poem is an exquisitely perfect response to Onitsura! Well done, my poet friend, well done!

  4. WabiSabi -

    Thanks. You are most kind.


  5. I'm with WabiSabi, the 3rd was elegant....and I can't help thinking how many difficulties you create for that poor spider..

  6. That 3rd one is truly a real masterpiece. Very good.

  7. Everybody seems to be so enchanted by #3, but I'm going to be contrary and vote for #6. I think Moose and Goose deserve some kind of award for telling all (unlike our prevaricating politicians). Perhaps you could give them what they deserve in your next episode. I hope so!

    Seductive Pine

  8. #3 and #4 really touch me...wonderful!

  9. aloha JzB - way cool on that first one. i like the "look high in the tallest tree" line. you pegged the eastern cardinals around here too. aloha.


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