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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Carpe Diem #144, Yuki no hate (end of snow)

We got a slight snow cover last night.  Partly sunny today, but still a bit below freezing, and it all evaporated.

Here are my thoughts, with an assist to Kristjaan

~ 1 ~

last snow melts
now the ground will be covered
with cherry blossoms

~ 2 ~

end of snow
what do we lose then
as spring is coming

~ 3 ~

late snow falling
old man in a barber chair
clippings on the floor

~ 4 ~

winters end
trees and bushes sprout new blooms
food for moose and goose

~ 5 ~

trees and bushes bloom
leaves sprout on once bare banches
spider's hiding place

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carpe Diem #144


  1. It's always exciting to witness the season's changing. I enjoyed each verse in your haiku.

  2. I wonder if the old man enjoys the snowfall from his perch in the barber's chair...

    Brush Away Snow

  3. Nice! Looking forward to those cherry blossoms!

  4. Good to see the old man made it from his bed for a hair cut :)

  5. The visual image of the end of snow has been sketched beautifully through those haiku ! Loved them :)


  6. Hey JzB -

    I hereby and forthwith nominate this blog for The Liebster Award!

    Whether or not you choose to accept... is of course up to you.

    Details within:


  7. really great set, each one different from the other. chuckled at that 3rd haiku.. and very pretty image that first haiku creates ^^
    oh good, goose and moose seem to have large appetites

  8. aloha JzB - i definitely like what you have going on in #3. i also like that it uses the fragment and phrase thinking of haiku as well. very cool. aloha.

  9. I would think that those sprouting leaves would be Spider's new weaving studio!

    Last Snowflake

  10. all ur haikus are very imaginative...GOD<3U

  11. old man
    who still has snow on the roof
    gives thanks

  12. I especially enjoyed the comparison of the clippings dropping from the barber's chair

  13. I mean...

    Especially liked
    Barber chair comparison -
    Winter's coat falling

  14. the end of winter can be very inspiring! beautiful haiku!


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