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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carpe Diem #139, Shitamoe (sprouting grasses and forbs)

Well, I learned a new word today.  Forb [altenatively spelt phorb] is a category of herbaceous flowering plants that includes clover, sunflower and milkweed.  I also recently learned that milkweed is the only food source for the monarch butterfly.

~ 1 ~

green grass rises
throws off its blanket of snow
stretches toward the sun

~ 2 ~

purple clover
casts green grass in bold relief
a bee buzzes

~ 3 ~

bright golden flower
smiles up at its eponym
on a spring morning

~ 4 ~

drinking green tea
very good for you - alas
tastes like lawn clippings

~ 5 ~

lowly milkweed
such a humble beginning
new monarch rises

~ 6 ~

goose grows sunflowers
moose plays the stock market
both like to read Forbes

~ 7 ~

bugs flit in milkweed
the hopeful insect hunter
spider casts her net

~ :: ~

Carpe Diem #139


  1. That little net weaver never seems to stop her activity!

    Sprouting Grasses?

  2. Both read forbes!!! I can't stop laughing at that one! I also loved the green tea assessment. You nailed that one.

  3. wonderful set :) the words really paint pretty pictures

  4. Grass rising and stretching and throwing off its blanket--sounds like it's ready to face a new season!

  5. There's truly something for everyone here. Stay a while, but I suggest you bring your own tea :)

  6. That green tea had me giggle :-) yes coffee tastes better.

  7. Really love your serious haiku and giggles at the others. Well done!


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