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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #25, Onitsura's Spring Haze

Inspirational haiku:

the bell from far away -
how it moves along in its coming
through the Spring haze

I see in this a sense of mystery or confusion and isolation that the haze causes, or loss that it can symbolize.  In the haze, vision is impeded.  It is easy to become separated.  Though other senses may be enhanced, that can muddle the ability to judge time and distance.

~ 1 ~

wet bell ringing
its distant sound dampened
swimming through fog

~ 2 ~

musical bell
though I cannot see it
has such a peal

~ 3 ~

the belle from far away
how she moves along leaving
through my haze of tears

~ 4 ~

who knows the distance
across the mist-filled space
goose calls out to moose

~ 5 ~

careless butterfly
flits unseeing through the mist
into spider's web

~ : ~


  1. I hope you made your fortune writing humor for a famous comedian or two! Number 2 !!!! I married into a family with pun in their genes, so guess what, I'm not so good at it, but my offspring can go nine rounds with the best of them. I sit on the side-lines and applaud (and laugh) It's always fun to visit!

  2. uh-oh poor butterfly! distant sound dampened -- love it, love how you described the sound and how it swims through the fog, could feel the sound's struggle to get to one's ears

  3. I am partial to the belle from far away this morning. What a wistful little piece this is. You've captured the essence of heartache.


  4. I do hope that Goose finds her companion Moose, even though they are presently separated by a seemingly impenetrable haze!


  5. Love the last...much a peal ♥

  6. The last one is a gem, JzB! And I am happy goose and moose are not forgotten either. ;)

  7. The belle from far away.. Very creative


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