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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carpe Diem #145, Nehane (Nirvana Ceremony, Buddha's Nirvana anniversary)

One of my most favorite creatures is the monarch butterfly.  On this day of Nehane I find this innocent haiku by Kakimoto now to be steeped in bitter irony.

on the human body
butterflies are assembling -
Nirvana Festival

And this one by Narayanan Raghunathan now just seems sad.

Nirvana Ceremony -
a butterfly buddha flutters
among human buddhas

This morning my lovely wife alerted me to this article about the strange, precipitous and tragic decline in the monarch butterfly population, down 59% from last year and over 90% from 1997.  We will do our small part by planting a butterfly garden, and specifically including milkweed, the major food source for the monarch butterfly.

~ 1 ~

within the shrine's fence
what a sad surprise to find
a single monarch

~ 2 ~

monarchs suddenly
multiplied by fifteenfold

~ 3 ~

nirvana awaits
the passing of the monarchs
old man plants milkweed

~ 4 ~

moose and goose
foraging for other forbs
milkweed for monarchs

~ 5 ~

orb weaver migrates
leaves milkweed for the monarchs
buddha smiles

~~ :|: ~~

Carpe Diem #145


  1. Oh your first haiku makes me weep for our doomed planet! Perhaps if I plant more milkweed.....and you do.....and he does.........and she does....... we can save the butterflies......and the planet!

  2. Very concerned haiku ~ glad you are planting milkweed ~ will see what I can do ~ take care of monarchs and moose and goose ~ you are doing very creative and fun poetry ~ thanx ^_^

  3. you planted lovely thoughts with this great haiku set

  4. The benign Buddha smiling on Spider fills my heart with joy!

  5. That first one is just wonderful. So many ways to red it.
    Bjorn's haiku had a mountain crying milk the other day and now your's weed it :)

  6. this set was really great! I esppecially liked the first ine!

  7. What a nice set of Haiku.. a good garden is never complete without butterflies

  8. I love Monarchs and also have butterfly garden. Your haiku today are all so lovely intertwining Buddha, nirvhanna and monarchs.

  9. aloha JzB. yeah, it looks to me like you have a line on fragment and phrase in these. i like #2. the last line has some of that surprise element to it. cool. aloha.


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