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Monday, March 11, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #26, Onitsura's Camellia

One thing I learned in preparing for this entry is that the camellia is a long-lived flowering tree, and a member of the same plant family as the tea plant, Camellia sinensis.

Century Old Camellia japonica ‘Sarah Frost’ still Blooming and Growing

Inspirational haiku

putting in the water
the vase received
the camellia 

What you get from me 

 ~ 1 ~

boiling in the water
the kettle received
the tea leaves

~ 2 ~

spring in the air
sweet enticing aroma of
camellia blossoms

~ 3 ~

moose and goose agree
camellias are beautiful
and tasty

~ 4 ~

camellia blossom
an elegant upscale home
for orb weaver


Carpe Diem Special #26


  1. Leave it to Moose and Goose to find a practical use for camellias!

    Camellia Seller

  2. camellia
    the fragrance

  3. beautiful
    ---and tasty, haha

    enjoyed this set.. just the thought of loose-leaf tea warms me up ^^

  4. Last one is superb though all are praise worthy.

  5. what we got from you - elegant first and last - the moose and goose are not my favs, sorry

  6. Oh I do love moose and goose! And what we get from you is always inspiring, though not always in the classic sense! Occasionally it's classic non -sense! And we love it!

  7. Moose and goose indeed...they must smirk thinking we only take them and put them in a pot..

  8. Maybe you meant camomile tea? :)

  9. Moose in the garden.. That's a disaster.


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